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Here at Ingenious we are currently supporting over 100 craft businesses to sell their craft items online. We provide a high-quality website that is built to make your crafty products stand-out. It offers fast searches so consumers can quickly find the items they want to buy. If that’s an item you sell, you will come up in their search results.

You will also gain shop reviews. This means when customers order from you, they can leave great reviews about how lovely the product was and how well-made it is. Potential consumers will then see this feedback and it will encourage them to place an order with you too.

Wishlist for customers

We have put in a wish list option for customers too. If they have something they want to buy, but at a later date, it can be added to their wish list. This can then be revisited by them at a later date, or they can send to friends and loved ones as gift ideas for an upcoming special occasion.

It is also possible for consumers to follow your store. This means they will get updates when you add new products to Ingenious Gifts, or if any of your prices change. Just like you can do for your favourite stores, your customers can do it for you, their favourite store.

Selling with us is simple

The great thing about selling with Ingenious Gifts is that it is free and simple to sign up and start your online shop. The fees are only charged when something is purchased from you using our basic plan. We have other plans tailored for various sized businesses making it super flexible, and you can price your handmade crafts accordingly.

We will market your products on our website and throughout our social media platforms too. You can work with us to direct customers to your online store within our site. By working together, we can better market your handmade crafts and increase the sales opportunities for you.

There’s no waiting around for payment either. Customers place their order and payment is made through a secure checkout. You then receive payment instantly into your account, along with the full details of the order so you can package and send the order to the happy customer.

These are just some of the benefits of selling with Ingenious Gifts. However, there is one benefit we haven’t mentioned. For every product sold a donation is made to The Brain Tumour Charity, so you are helping this amazing cause and their vital work too.

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