Elevate Your Sentiments with Ingenious Handmade Cards

Discover a world of heartfelt cards at Ingenious Gifts, where our passion for creativity meets the sincerity of handmade craftsmanship. In our captivating collection of handmade cards, we’ve invited a community of talented artisans, illustrators and funny creative makers to bring to you a spectrum of emotions beautifully translated onto carefully crafted canvases. Each card is a masterpiece, brought to life by our team of talented smile makers dedicated to spreading joy and warmth through every stroke.

These aren’t just handmade cards; they are tokens of love, encouragement, and celebration.

Whether you’re expressing your deepest emotions to a loved one or sending a note of appreciation, our makers cards are more than just pieces of paper; they’re heartfelt narratives waiting to be shared. Immerse yourself in the artistry of personal connections as you browse through our diverse selection, from plantable cards to funny cards and anything in-between, each card tells a unique story.

At Ingenious Gifts, we believe that the most meaningful gifts come from the heart, and these cards are a testament to that belief. Elevate your sentiments with these extraordinary creations, crafted to inspire smiles and forge lasting connections. Celebrate life’s moments, big or small, with the warmth and authenticity of our artisanal greeting cards.

Meet the makers of our collection of handmade cards

Lucy Maggie Designs

Meet Lucy Nicholson

Lucy Maggie Designs

As an independent business based in Liverpool, UK, Lucy specialises in colourful greeting cards, stationery and giftware with a playful edge.

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Meet Suzanne Marther

Suzanne Marie Paperie

I create colourful and joyful plantable greetings cards and playful artwork that bring joy to everyday life and are kind to the planet.

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Meet Sarah

Studio 2129 Designs

Our small business is run from home in a little town called Holmfirth, by Sarah, our creator/maker.

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