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Have you been selling your handmade crafts at local events and feel ready to take it to the next level? Maybe it’s time to sell your handmade crafts online. This will give you a much wider customer base and get your gorgeous items out to the wider world, not just your local area.

In this blog post we share just some of our top tips to help you sell your handmade crafts online.

Build An Online Community Offline

When attending local craft fairs and events give out your details of your online presence. This could be a link to a site like Ingenious Gifts where you sell your items. It could also be a link to your social media presence where the customer can see more products that you make. Look for a charity you support too and find ways to offer your goods or their raffles or auctions, in exchange for a mention of your business online. These are all small ways of building an online community around your handmade crafts.

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Grow Through Existing Customers

When you take orders from customers make sure you get contact details for them. This could be an email address, postal address or contact number for example. Use these contact details to ask your previous customers for reviews and testimonials. These can then be shared online to show how happy customer are with your products and services. Offer existing customers a discount when they refer another customer that places an order with you. This will not only help boost your sales, but it will help increase customer loyalty too.


Sell Through Online Craft Shops

While it’s a great idea to have your own website, it’s hard work too. A website can be very expensive and time-consuming. You need to pay for the website, encourage people to visit your website, make it SEO friendly, engaging, fresh and updated. It’s a lot of work to keep your own website going. This is why lots of people use Ingenious Gifts and other online craft shops to sell their goods. For a small fee they can upload and sell their products without the huge time and financial investments need to keep on top of your own website.

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Get Social

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are ideal social media sites for helping your handmade crafts get out there to a wider audience. You can share products you are making, products you have finished, customer reviews and photos of your collections. It’s a great idea to share links to where your handmade crafts can be purchased too. Links to your online shop, like Ingenious Gifts is a great way of showing off all your handmade crafts and enabling your fans to buy the items they love.

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Don’t hold your handmade crafts back, sell them online to really show the world what you have to offer.