The Benefits Of Shopping From Small Businesses

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Here at Ingenious Gifts, we support small businesses. We give them a great platform to sell their unique Christmas gifts on and we give them a new audience to show off their skills to. We are all about helping small businesses.

As Christmas comes round, lots of people look at ways they can be ‘better’ with their Christmas shopping. One way is by shopping from small businesses.

In this blog post we share just some of the many benefits of shopping from small businesses.

Better For The Environment

Lots of small businesses are very conscious of the crafts they make and the impact on the environment. You will even see some sellers on our website that up-cycle and use recycled products for their crafts. If you are mindful of your impact on the environment when it comes to Christmas shopping – shopping from small businesses could be the solution for you.

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Locally Sourced

Larger companies have larger buying power so will happily purchase large amounts of items from China and other countries. Small businesses tend to use what’s on their doorstep. They will use locally sourced items. When you buy from a small business in the UK, you really are helping the UK as a whole.

Support People Like You

Reports showed that small business owners were the hardest hit during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Through shopping from small businesses, you are helping small business owners and people like you. You’re helping that mum pay for her daughter to go to dance lessons or her son to learn a new language. Your purchase from a small business will help that dad get those treats for his kids this Christmas that they have asked Santa for. You’ll be supporting people like you and helping families like yours.

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Unique Christmas Gifts

It is highly unlikely that you would be able to find the exact same craft online again. This is because they are handmade. Unlike purchasing a Christmas present from a high street store and risking them already having that present, or everyone getting that gift for them, you know the gift you buy from a small business, especially a small business on Ingenious Gifts, will be unique and one of a kind.

Why not support small businesses this year for your Christmas present shopping?