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Each card measures: Square size approx 14 x 14cm 

Cards come pre-folded and with a recycled kraft paper envelope. All cards are left blank inside for you to write your own personal message.


(A simplified version is printed on the back of each card for reference.)

1. Once the card has fulfilled its’ duty it can be soaked in water and torn into small pieces. 

2. Place these pieces into a pot of compost and provide a sprinkling of compost over the top (you should still be able to see some of the paper peeking through – too much compost will restrict growth). 

3. Place the pot in an area which has plenty of natural sunlight and warmth. Ensure it is watered regularly but don’t over-water as this can saturate the seeds and cause them to disintegrate; likewise never allow the compost to completely dry out. 

Ideal time for planting is throughout spring and summer when natural weather conditions are optimal, however it is possible to produce flowers during the autumn and winter months – the seeds may just need a little extra care and attention. If planting in winter ensure the pot is placed on a windowsill where it will receive as much warmth and sunshine as possible. 

Top tip: conservatories and greenhouses are perfect first locations during the initial growth period. 

4. Finally, watch your wildflowers grow and enjoy the company of the wildlife they attract.

Please DO NOT plant the cards directly into your garden soil, ecosystems are very fragile and whilst the seed species are not invasive they could still interfere with the local biodiversity. 

The seeds used in this paper are: Baby’s Breath, Basil, Poppy and Sweet Alyssum. 

These have been chosen with bees and butterflies in mind, however they will attract other bugs and beasties too! Unfortunately many bee and butterfly species are in decline, so by purchasing one of these cards you are doing something positive to help ensure they have plenty of micro-habitats to survive.


To allow for maximum growth potential of this paper; each sheet is handmade in India. With no machines involved it also reduces carbon emissions which is better for the environment. Similarly the creation of this paper ensures that traditional craft techniques are not forgotten whilst providing skills, income and support to local rural communities. The paper is shipped to the UK company by sea to avoid air miles and again reduce carbon emissions. 

The card stock used is made from recycled post-consumer cotton meaning this card is completely tree-free! It’s also impregnated with wildflower seeds which, when planted in optimum conditions, will grow and attract bees and butterflies.

Edible inks are used in the printer to ensure no toxic chemicals will be released when these cards are planted. These cards are printed on an inkjet printer so the seeds are not crushed or overheated and therefore are given the best chance for growth once the card is planted. 


All designs were originally hand-drawn by Lucy Webster Fine Art.


– Please note that germination rate largely depends on growing conditions and whilst most planted cards will produce successful flowers, there may be some that do not produce any yield. Seeds given optimum conditions of warmth, sunlight and regular water will be more likely to grow successfully.

– The distribution of seed type and number of seeds within each sheet of paper is completely random and it is possible that a card won’t include every type of seed mentioned. 

– Due to the materials used and production method of this paper, each sheet can vary in colour, thickness and texture; therefore there may be some variations in terms of colour vibrancy and detail of designs in comparison to the photos shown here, as well as between individual cards. This make each and every card completely unique!


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